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Websites competition is quite hard therefore to make your web site survive in the competitive challenge and get high rankings inside the search engine results you should thoroughly review your competitors' websites.
Napoleon Bonaparte said: "Every jewellry carries a marshal's baton within the pack". We can paraphrase this kind of famous quotation and confess every website wants to get top rankings in the search engines. How come websites competition so high? Who also may become your competitor? Become familiar with it in detail when you make sure to read this article.

"Only the solid survive". It is the severe regulation of the wild nature. In the wonderful world of websites this law furthermore functions without a hitch. The number of areas in the TOP of the search engines effects is very restricted, and it is very difficult to get there. Therefore websites levels of competition is very high. How can an internet site survived in the tough aggressive struggle for customers?

First of all you ought to determine which websites can become competitors of your site.

To begin with, the most probable competitor of your respective site is a site which can be devoted to the same subject (or at least several sections of that sites are devoted to it). The matter is that keywords which can be relevant for this subject can be employed not only by your direct opponents (companies that offers the same items or services) but also simply by various topical information websites or forums. Due to their huge number of visitors and considerable targeted traffic, portals and forums could have high rankings in the google page. It means that the google search will find them in the first place, along with your site will be unable to meet up with websites competition.

Secondly, it is possible to compare only those internet websites that have approximately equal benefit. It means that it is appropriate to websites of the same price class. A site that costs several hundred us dollars and a site that costs thousands of dollars are as distinctive from one another as their prices are generally.

At last, thirdly, you should not examine websites of different types. A small company site consisting of ten or perhaps twenty pages cannot stand up to a competition with a multipage corporate and business website or an online go shopping. Why? The answer is simple: level of information and technical amenities of different types of websites usually are too various.

Having worked out what sites will be challengers of your project, it is very important for taking appropriate measures in order to make your blog a competitive one (one of the best sites in its category). Therefore you should pay attention not just to web design of competitors' sites but also to their structure, nav, information value - all of these factors are important for web sites competition. In other words you should know very well what helped the competitors' internet sites to promote into the TOP of the position in search results page.

Quite often it happens which means that your competitor's website and its web site design seem very simple at the 1st site, and you cannot learn how this site manage to get leading rankings in the search engine results. Your current seems to have nicer web design (from your subjective point regarding view) and more convenient direction-finding. But your competitor's site with the TOP, while you are not! You can find out what you should know about your competitors in cyberspace and how to collect and make use of information on competitors' websites.



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